Hi, my name is Cath

I’m a London-based developer and designer with a background in news graphics

To learn more about me, check my LinkedIn profile

Creative coding and generative art projects

I was totally inspired to explore this area of creative coding after being blown away by Matt DesLauriers's 2018 canvas-sketch and three.js workshop.

Prototype desert dinosaur

Experiment in scrollytelling with Blender, Three.js and GSAP. This project is still under construction, and has totally cemented the type of work that I intend to to produce

Tasty donuts

Some creative fun using and getting to know Three.js. and blender So. much. visual. potential

Functional? No. Useful? No.

Art created through code – what could be more beautiful?!

Full stack showcase

Well that's a ( software development bootcamp ) wrap! 30 weeks, 180 live training hours, more than 270 project hours, tons of fun, tons of laughs, one full stack data visualisation and a portfolio of visual projects I could not be happier with ... let me know what you think!

Faster → Higher → Stronger

Full stack app using MongoDB, Express and Node serverside, React and d3 clientside. The most amazing project to cap off my bootcamp journey

Quick and experimental

Fun, playful, quirky and quick turnaround 'mini projects'. I dove into Three.js, GSAP and Firebase, and now, I'm *super* keen to work on visual projects which incorporate these libraries

Animated scene with three.js using a model of stitch – of lilo and stitch fame. Super simple animations

Animated landing page using GSAP – a new life awaits you. Illustrations from Aluna1 and Prokhorovich

Using firebase to track real time voting data to visualise the big question – Marmite – love it or hate it?

Showcase visual apps

The projects that really helped me to develop. This section is a front-end section with apps built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and React

Zen garden – add some zen to your day

Fake Services on the back-end and React on the front. Check the project here. Create, update, filter and delete the green on your screen

Cool car, man!

A quick project using AJAX requests to a REST API. Add, update and delete cars to build your virtual garage. The cooler the car, the better!

Hey, what's happening outside?

This lookup app was a fun project to work with fetch APIs. Make requests for, of course, the local weather, global news, and find something to eat – I totally recommend the pizza!

A 'pixel perfect' homage to Figma

This Figma page was a great project to recreate. I'm a big fan of the product, and the site is a tasty mix of smashing typography, grid, flexbox, and some great animation

CRUD and OOP projects

Create → Read → Update → Delete. Simple yet addictive projects using factory functions and object orientated programming

Open your console here and have some fun! Add food, eat food, organise your fridge, set and track your budget and more!

Ramp up and track your training as race day approaches. Set date, track workouts and see your stats aggregated

Hooking up my console app with the DOM. Create, update and delete your workouts after setting a live training goal

Creation & animation

These two creative projects really make me smile.
Concept → sketch → build → animate

I had a blast creating this from SVG shapes and paths. Adding multiple animations was just too much fun

A quick and cute CSS animation of a micro-machine style racing car. Great way to work through the very basics of CSS animations

Builds from design files

This section contains all my builds from challenges on Frontend Mentor – an amazing resource for developers of any level